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I'm Rob Bullock, Principal of BizWriterPro.com. If you're a marketing manger, sales or business development manager, entrepreneur or small business owner, your mandate includes some or all of the following: increase awareness and generate demand, drive more traffic to your website, increase conversions, generate more leads, create more selling opportunities, increase sales, acquire new customers, and build your business.

That's a huge mandate--even for a large organization with lots of resources. So it's a good thing to have extra manpower, expertise, and a fresh perspective at the ready; that's available to you on an as-needed basis to augment your team and add value.

Here's What I Bring to the Table

  • Previous twenty-five year career in B2B sales, business development, and marketing communications
  • Broad-based industry experience: consumer packaged goods, automotive, telecom, industrial products, construction services, print media advertising
  • Marketing writing and SEO copywriting training, knowledge, skills, and experience

Why Me?

You could say I'm a sales guy turned writer, and that's a good thing because... 

In previous B2B selling and business development roles I learned--by absolute necessity--how to generate opportunity meetings, articulate and present a compelling value proposition, overcome objections, ask for the sale, close the sale, and cultivate prospects who weren't ready to buy yet.

This experience has given me a real-world business perspective, along with the ability to articulate value in a way that convinces and converts.