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Hi I'm Rob Bullock. With a 25-year career in B2B sales and marketing communications behind me, I decided to bring my developed skills, insights, passion and perspective to bear in this my solo venture, BizWriterPro.com.

Marketing managers, sales and business development managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners all have their work cut out for them: increasing awareness, generating demand, driving traffic to their websites, generating sales leads and selling opportunities, and bringing those opportunities to fruition.

That's a big job, and I figured I could help. When you need extra manpower, expertise, and a fresh perspective at the ready, I'm available. Use me on an as-needed basis; to augment your team, add value, and get the job done.

What I Bring to the Table:

  • Previous twenty-five year career in B2B sales, business development, and marketing communications
  • Broad-based industry experience: automotive, telecom, industrial products, construction services, marketing services
  • Marketing writing/ copywriting training, knowledge, skills, and experience

Why Me?

You could say I'm a sales guy turned writer, and that's a good thing because... 

In previous B2B selling and business development roles I learned--by absolute necessity--how to generate opportunity meetings, articulate and present a compelling value proposition, overcome objections, ask for the sale, close the sale, and cultivate prospects who weren't ready to buy yet.

This experience gave me a real-world business perspective and an ability to articulate value.