Combining Effective Copywriting with a Feature-Rich, Leading Edge Platform to Boost Email Marketing Results

Email marketing effectiveness is not in decline. And in case you thought it was here's four reasons to consider otherwise:

  1. People still check their email inbox(s) regularly—often multiple times each day. And emails containing relevant, useful, interesting, compelling content do get noticed, opened, and read.
  2. Email is a cost-effective marketing tool, and of all the digital channels it generates the highest ROI to marketers
  3. Email that highlights a company's expertise and capabilities also helps build trust and credibility.
  4. In B2B marketing, promotional emails effectively generate leads and selling opportunities, and in some cases lead to a direct sale. 

textual messaging in email marketing plays a key role in determining campaign success or failure

Subject lines, email messaging (headlines, body copy, calls-to-action), and the copy on landing pages: all play a critical role in determining the success or failure of a campaign.

Therefore a good email copywriter—someone who's not only a talented marketing writer but also well versed in the techniques and best practices specific to email marketing—contributes substantive value by ensuring that the all-important email messaging components are strategically and intelligently crafted to generate desired results.

That said, when writing email content my goals are to...

  • Create subject lines that will build and maximize open rates
  • Craft compelling headlines, body copy, and call-to-action messaging that will build and maximize click-throughs and response
  • Write landing page copy that will build and maximize conversions

Would you like your email marketing to work harder, and smarter? If so let's talk.