How Inbound Has Changed Copywriting

The copywriter's role has evolved in an Inbound world.

Copywriting used to be about "word smithing" overt advertising and various other kinds of promotional collateral. Copywriters were hired to write attention-getting headlines and salesy body copy. And of course they still are, but the scope of the role has expanded and evolved to include, among other things, CONTENT CREATION.

Content isn't advertising. It offers value by being informational (at least, it should); its intent is to inform, educate, and even entertain. Content is the new “value add” marketers and their employers must offer nowadays, if they want to be thought of as dimensional, caring, intelligent, and trustworthy.

Inbound Marketing—a new business development strategy that leverages the power of the internet to feed peoples’ insatiable desire for information—absolutely needs content to succeed. Savvy marketers who have accepted and aligned with the Inbound paradigm are being rewarded with remarkable results. They’re gaining peoples’ attention, interest, respect, and patronage.

Content’s inherent value is informational and yet, paradoxically, content marketing supports and gives rise to the sale. I like to think of the Inbound paradigm as Zen and the Art of Selling, because it does not TRY to sell – and yet it does.

When content is done well it totally supports the sales function by virtue of its ability to reach and attract a target audience, and convert that inbound momentum into business results.

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