Why You Absolutely Need Link Love

Internet marketing success depends largely on the marketer's ability to popularize content. Just as a tree falling in the forest makes no sound if nobody’s there to hear it, likewise the most wonderfully written blog post or online article amounts to nary a hill of beans if nobody else online sees it or links to it.

Inbound Links are SEO Gold

Hypertext that sends traffic from someone else's web page to your web page (i.e., "link love") is something you absolutely need if you want to survive and thrive as an internet marketer.

The reason for this is that search engines use sophisticated “link analysis” to determine how web pages relate to each other. Links are like votes, which the search engines take into consideration when analyzing and determining how popular your web content is -- as well as how trustworthy and authoritative. And... the more popular and important the site is that’s linking to you, the more valuable are the links from that site.

The more relevant the text of an inbound link (i.e., anchor text) is to the subject of your web page, the more positively it can impact your search ranking for that page. Google looks closely at keywords in anchor text, and it makes sense to ask providers of inbound links to your site to use the proper keywords and topic–specific words in the anchor text of their links, whenever possible.

Outbound Links Matter Too! 

An outbound link from your web page--that sends traffic from your site to another site--also helps you. Here's why: if the recipient of traffic resulting from your outbound link looks at his web analytics and sees where that traffic came from, he will likely check out your page (out of curiosity) and, feeling grateful, may reciprocate by linking from his site back to yours. So linking, whether inbound or outbound, is all good because it helps online marketers get more exposure, attract new visitors, and build communities. When you stop and think of it, link love really is, at its core, the "law of reciprocity" in action.

For more on this powerful SEO building tool, review the Growing Popularity and Links chapter of Moz.com's eBook, Beginner's Guide to SEO.

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