The Key to Connecting with People

In the title of this post I refer to "people", but really it’s individuals we’re talking to in sales and marketing communications. To gain someone's attention and pique their interest, sales-com and mar-com must always strive to make a real connection with individuals.

When researching a writing assignment, I try to learn as much as possible about the individual(s) my client company presenting its value proposition to. It’s important to ask: what really matters to the person who will receive this communication. What are his/her challenges, needs, and interests?

Connecting with people in a target audience requires clearly communicating how your value proposition relates to them, personally, and preferably on an emotional level. We need to reach hearts as well as minds. Even b2b business buyers have emotions and personal desires and goals that influence their business buying decisions.

And b2b buyers differ from consumers in that their interests, goals, and concerns are two-fold:

1. "What’s in this value proposition for my company?" and

2. "How do I stand to benefit personally?”

Successful sales people skillfully connect with prospects and customers in conversation over the phone and face-to-face. Marketing communication should likewise be conversational, in the sense of emulating a good sales person’s ability to make that vital human connection.

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