Drive qualified web traffic. Generate high-quality leads. Create more selling opportunities.

To generate qualified sales leads, you must first engage influencers and decision-makers in your target audience, and heighten their awareness of your brand. 

We can help you accomplish that by creating a series of eye-catching branded HTML communications, which also promote the benefits of your product or service and may include a special incentive offer as well (e.g.: Free 30-Day Trial, special price offer, free consultation; a free Case Study, eBook, Guide, or White Paper). The incentive offer motivates more recipients to respond, by clicking a link that takes them to a landing page, which in turn captures their contact info. and converts them into leads.

We then determine a time frame for your overall campaign and sequence the series accordingly. Each unique HTML communication is then sent, sequentially, directly to the email inbox of thousands of opted-in IT contacts who you want and need to reach.


what roles do the subscribers on our IT list have?

Leaders and decision-makers including IT managers and directors, chief information and chief technology officers, and VPs.

Specialists in the areas of Business Intelligence, Business Continuity, Cloud, Data, Development, IT Compliance, IT & Cyber Security, IT Storage, and Networking.

How many contacts Are There?

The total number of opted-in IT subscribers in North America is currently 1,042,000.

80% of these contacts are in the U.S. and 20% are in Canada. There are also IT subscribers located in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe. Does your market extend beyond North America? Let us know what other countries you'd like to target.

what's the typical response rate?

HTML campaigns can generate "opens" in the order of 15%, and "click-throughs" of 5%. Response metrics vary however, based on the company, brand, audience, type of incentive offer, and how effectively the messaging engages and resonates with recipients, and motivates them to respond.

So for example, all factors being equal, say you sent an HTML to 500,000 contacts, and 15% (75,000) opened the email. It would not be unreasonable to expect 5% of that number (3,750) to "click through" to your landing page.


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what's the cost?

Lead volume is a factor in determining cost. Based on your answers to the questions in the proposal request form (click on the button below to open the form), I will provide you with a complete quote including cost per lead and fee for creative development. Thank you.