Custom Content Engages and Nurtures Prospective Buyers, Builds Trust, and Helps Win Sales

Did you know, 80% of B2B buyers who don’t buy today will buy within the next 24 months...

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...if not from you, then from your competition (Source: SiriusDecisions). Also noteworthy is that on average, organizations that nurture their sales leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those organizations that do not (Source: 2012 Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Survey).

Stats like these underscore how important it is to communicate with and cultivate your leads, and that failing to do so is akin to leaving money on the table.

I can help by providing custom content your influencer and buyer audiences will find informative and engaging, that will  keep your firm and your offering at the top of your prospects' vendor short lists, and that will help convince them your company and your offering is the best choice.

Engage Prospective Buyers and Accelerate the Sales Process with Custom Content.


Email rocks -- use it for all it's worth:

  • Communicate special marketing  offers
  • Distribute newsletters
  • Make announcements
  • Send webinar  invites (and sell the benefits of attending)

I can help by writing compelling copy for your email-based lead  nurturing programs.

Case Studies

Case studies verify your credibility and track record like no other piece of marketing communication can. Every marketer should always have a few on hand. In addition to providing case study research and copywriting services, I can also help you recruit client participants.

White Papers

Surveys have shown that of all the forms of content used in B2B marketing, white papers are the most likely to directly influence  the purchasing decisions of business technology buyers. White papers are also the most frequently shared type of content among executive decision-makers. My white paper research and writing services could serve as a  lethal weapon in your content marketing arsenal.


Articles are the editorial life blood of trade magazines, ezines, and newsletters. A relevant, well-researched, well-written piece  published in a targeted publication can raise your profile to new  heights in the eyes of your target audience. Need a good copywriter to help research and write some great articles?

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