Is your current marketing generating the business results you want? 

If not then maybe we should talk. I specialize in helping business people create content that... 

  • Articulates the essence of what they do (and the value they provide) with clarity and impact; for web sites, newsletters, blogs, and social media
  • Creates consistent messages that resonate with prospects
  • Conveys who they, not only as professionals but also as individuals with an informed viewpoint and perspective worth sharing

An excellent business development strategy for professional service firms  

For the professional service provider, building more and longer-lasting relationships is paramount to achieving business success. Here's how to accomplish that:

With a well-written, regularly published email newsletter. Why? Because an E-Newsletter demonstrates both your knowledge and your personality while increasing your visibility, helping you build trust, and fueling your social media. All for close to zero variable cost.

Maybe you publish a newsletter now but aren't happy with it, or you don't publish a newsletter because... 

... you're not sure what to write about

... you're afraid you’ll run out of content

... you're confused by the logistics and technology involved

... you're no good at writing, or you are good but don’t have the time to produce and regularly publish an E-Newsletter

Whatever the reason, don't let it stand in your way. By collaborating together--you as the subject matter expert and me as editor/ interviewer-writer/ E-Newsletter design and set up/ publishing and distribution logistics expert--we can create a content asset that increases your visibility, highlights your expertise, positions you as a thought leader, helps you build more relationships, and helps you achieve your business goals.