Effective Sales Communications Help Salespeople Succeed


Salespeople need compelling, persuasive, well-written communication tools to help them close more new business.  

Sales Brochures Help Salespeople...

Sales Brochure.jpg
  • Illustrate how a product/ service/ solution works
  • Highlight features and benefits
  • Provide testimonials and other proof points
  • Describe  how to place an order
  • Specify availability, delivery, and warranty

Sell Sheets Help Salespeople... 

Sell sheet.jpg
  • Tailor a presentation to a specific  situation
  • Target a specific use, application, or audience
  • Present a relevant solution that offers compelling value

Case Studies and Customer Success Stories Help Salespeople... 

Case studies.jpg
  • Share the experiences of actual buyers and users
  • Provide powerful third-party testimony
  • Demonstrate that they can, and do, deliver as advertised
  • Create more selling opportunities
  • Bring active opportunities to fruition

Sales Letters Help Sales People...

Sales letter.jpg
  • Back up what they say in writing
  • Keep in touch with their prospects
  • Present a special offer
  • Re-iterate, highlight, and emphasize important features and benefits

I combine years of selling experience with copy writing know-how, best practices, and ability to ensure your sales communication tools sell, not just show n' tell.

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