Finding and leveraging the keywords and phrases your business needs to SUCCEED.

Keyword Research and "Seed List" Development

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  • Research and compile an up-to-date, comprehensive list of keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to both your business and your target audience
  • Find out what keywords and phrases your competitors use, and also include those in your seed list
  • Filter the list: by relevance and by search volume

You'll receive a Keyword Seed List (spreadsheet file) you can use as a basis for... 

  • Structuring and keyword optimizing web pages and content for a new website
  • Re-structuring and keyword updating web pages and content for an existing website 
  • Keyword optimizing new or existing blogs posts, articles, white papers, and case studies
  • Further developing, refining, and expanding your content marketing strategy

Website Keyword Strategy Development

Consulting an up-dated Keyword Strategy is essential when building a new web site, or when re-designing and revising an existing one  --  because it helps you structure information and optimize web pages with theme and category-appropriate keyword search terms.

Related Services and Deliver-ables

  • First I take your Keyword Seed List and segment it according to specific web pages and themed sections of your site
  • Then I recommend keywords and phrases and optimized Title and Description tags for the main pages and sections of your site

You'll receive a spreadsheet (which essentially is a segmented version of your Keyword Seed List), plus a diagrammatic representation illustrating your website's information structure. 

Keyword Editing

Keyword editing existing web pages not only helps boost search result rankings and clicks on your SERP listings, it also benefits visitors by making the key pages of your website more specific and relevant to visitors' needs.

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  • Incorporate relevant, specific keywords and keyphrases in H1 headings, H2 sub-headings, and body copy of the website's main pages-- to improve readability, boost SEO, and increase conversions
  • Incorporate relevant, specific keywords and keyphrases in the meta title, description, and alt tags of the site's main pages

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