Leveraging case studies and customer success stories to drive home the full, positive impact of doing business with your firm.

B2B marketers and sales people use case studies and customer success stories more than any other content. (Source: Starfleet Media's 2015 survey of B2B marketers and salespeople from around the world)

... because nothing you can say (or write) verifies the value you offer, or demonstrates your credibility, as powerfully as the testimony offered by your customers and detailed accounts of their experiences and benefits they achieved by working with your firm. 

No wonder business buyers value case studies and success stories the way they do, because the third-party testimony and factual information contained in these documents helps them short-list vendors and make informed purchasing decisions. 

That said I invite you to consider the state of your own case studies and success-story marketing program: is it "all it can be"-- helping you generate leads, create more selling opportunities, and convert more prospective buyers? More than likely there's room for improvement; in which case bringing additional manpower, expertise, and fresh thinking to the table could help you turn the tables and generate better results. 

10 Ways I Can Help

1.  We discuss and determine...

  • Where in your sales cycle case studies and success stories have greatest impact
  • Who your target audience is (executives, managers, technical individuals?)
  • Key messaging you want to communicate to influencers and decision-makers

2. I review all your available documentation to learn all about your product/ service/ solution

3. I Interview key people within your organization who have client-facing roles

  • Sales, account management, customer service, technical support personnel
  • We leverage their recommendations to help determine which of your customers would be ideal success story candidates

4. I create a customer interview questionnaire to elicit details pertaining to their experiences and business benefits/ results achieved by working with your firm.

5. I conduct phone interviews with designated contacts at customer organizations to be featured in your success-story marketing program.

6. I create and present drafts of the success stories to someone at your firm for review.

7. I present the success stories to your customers for their review and approval for use.

8. I coordinate with your preferred graphic designer, or I can advise on design and presentation.

9. With your customers' approval, I convert success stories into news releases for online distribution.

10. I "pitch" your customer success stories to editors and journalists at key industry publications.

If you're interested (or even just slightly intrigued), CONTACT ME and let's have an initial conversation. Want more info.? Download my free report entitled Convince and Convert (see orange box at top of this page, right-hand side).