Writing Website Copy To Maximize Conversions

Would you like your business website to work harder? 

Trained in direct response copywriting, when creating text for key business or e-commerce web pages my goal is to communicate value effectively, and thereby compel visitors to interact with the site by...

  • Browsing and reviewing more of the site's content
  • Registering to receive gated information
  • Contacting the company
  • Transacting an online purchase (if it's an e-commerce site) 

A business website should be made user-centric -- by immediately and clearly addressing the visitor's task-oriented goals, while emphasizing the value proposition with strategic headings, subheads, body text, and links -- all delivered in the correct sequence.

to get your website development project off on the right foot, involve A web copywriter at the outset -- you'll be glad you did.

BizWriterPro.com Website and Web Page Copywriting Services:  

  • I conduct client interviews and discovery research (including keyword research to learn the language of your prospects and customers)
  • I review key competitor websites to determine and compare their keyword usage, search rankings, and online marketing strategy
  • I write search engine optimized (SEO) web page copy that incorporates strategic, relevant keywords and keyword phrases
  • I provide a complete first draft, plus two rounds of revisions
  • I provide final approved copy delivered as an editable Word document, along with a "copywriter's conceptual layout" (to show positioning of text and graphic elements)

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